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TLC是一家当地拥有和运营的公司,服务于圣达菲和周边地区. TLC is committed to providing excellent professional service and quick response for all your plumbing, Heating, 和冷却的需要. 我们提供24小时紧急服务,在您最需要我们的时候为您服务. TLC had been limited in our service area for northern 太阳成集团61999 until recently when we added a local office directly in 圣达菲 with technicians located in 圣达菲 to respond quickly to your 需要. Get directions to our office and information about our office hours for payment or to inquire about our career opportunities.


TLC致力于为圣达菲的家庭和企业提供卓越的服务. 我们的服务技术人员24小时随时待命,以应对您可能遇到的任何紧急情况. 另外,为了方便您,我们的办公时间为周一至周五上午8点至下午5点. TLC的呼叫中心一直是开放的,我们每年365天都会接听我们的电话.

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TLC has licensed plumbers available to provide you excellent service on the same day in most cases. We know that your business or life doesn’t stop when you have a plumbing problem so our Plumbers have fully stocked vehicles to provide you quick and efficient service.


需要在正常营业时间以外进行紧急太阳成集团61999维修? TLC太阳成集团61999 是否愿意在家里或公司24小时提供紧急太阳成集团61999服务, 每周7天. 我们的旅行者驾驶满载的卡车, 因此,任何时候您需要快速诊断和维修您的太阳成集团61999系统太阳成集团.

TLC将其屡获殊荣的服务带给圣达菲居民和企业. 我们知道,当你有太阳成集团61999问题时,你需要 圣达菲太阳成集团61999工 快. 转向TLC快速服务,你可以指望, 有24小时紧急服务,当你需要我们时,TLC随时为你服务.


TLC是您当地热水器维修和安装方面的专家. 当你有热水器问题时,求助于TLC.


当你有一个泄漏,你需要一个专业的水管工快速反应. TLC’s experts are qualified to 修复 and replace faucets and fixtures throughout your 圣达菲 home or business.


当您需要排水rooter服务, 打电话给拥有最先进设备的专家来清理最困难的排水管. Our drain cameras are equipped to identify the cause of the backup and help prevent future backups.


为了你所有的厕所修理去圣达菲的专业水管工, 从修理到更换厕所和安装我们都在这里.


TLC’s plumbers have been 修复ing and replacing residential and commercial sewer lines throughout the City of 圣达菲 for many years.  有多年的经验和 非开挖太阳成集团61999维修, 我们在你身边.


TLC是太阳成集团61999州北部唯一授权的Kinetico水处理经销商, from water softeners to reverse osmosis systems we can customize a solution for your water problems.

& 安装在圣达菲

拥有一个温暖的家在冬天从来没有比与TLC太阳成集团61999,供暖更容易 & 冷却. Our expert technicians are trained to use the latest technology to ensure quality Heating 修复s, 维护, 并升级,让你的家人可以在整个季节都保持舒适. 你的炉子是否需要更换, or you have a less common Heating system such as radiant heat or wall-mounted Heating systems, TLC技术人员经过培训,为您的圣达菲家服务任何制造或模型.


At TLC, we understand that a well-heated home means much more to you than simple comforts. 我们有执照的技术人员可以为您提供快速,知识渊博 供暖服务,并被认证维护,维修和更换任何品牌,制造或型号. 以下是我们在圣达菲常用的供暖系统类型:

供暖系统有很多种,并不是每个人都有资格修理它们. 当一个家庭可能使用煤气炉,他们的隔壁邻居可能使用丙烷. 在TLC太阳成集团61999, 我们的技术人员受过专业训练,可以修理任何类型的炉子, 所以你永远不用担心不得不求助于别人. Whether it’s blowing cold air, or is making unsettling noises, you can call on us to keep you warm!


Sometimes a roaring fireplace during a frigid 圣达菲 winter isn’t enough to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In-floor radiant heat and baseboard heaters are vital for many New Mexican families and disperse heat starting from the floor. Make sure you’re not left in the cold tonight by getting a comprehensive 维护 inspection or 修复 from TLC! 我们有执照的技术人员可以快速而经济地修理您的设备.


圣达菲到处都是漂亮的老土坯房, 这可能意味着它们没有太阳成集团61999或内置辐射热. 如果你有壁挂式的Heating和冷却系统, you may have difficulty locating a technician that can service this type of uncommon design. We’ve trained our HVAC techs to handle any type of 修复 on any system, any time of the year. Instead of struggling to find a professional, give TLC a call today and make us your go-to!


坐在海拔7度以上的地方,000英尺, 圣达菲的冬天比该州其他地区要寒冷得多. 不要让阳光蒙骗了你,夜晚会很快变得很冷. The average temperature is around 47°, and the lows are drastic and below freezing at 20°. A broken heater, especially an unexpected one, can wreak havoc on your family’s well-being. 确保你在这个冬天保持温暖,并安排年度保养与TLC! 如果有紧急情况,别忘了打我们的24小时维修电话!


每晚气温都降到零度以下, 对于你的家庭来说,有一个功能正常的Heating器不仅仅意味着舒适. Exposure to cold weather can cause health problems ranging from fatigue and poor circulation to serious illness such as influenza. Ensure that your home is a warm sanctuary from the freezing temperatures and have your Heating unit, 不管是丙烷炉还是脚板Heating器, 在每个赛季之前进行适当的检查,以在最需要的时候降低失败的风险!


Whether you have 空调 in your home and need 修复 or service or looking to add an 空调 system to your home, TLC是你的AC专家. With many licensed qualified HVAC technicians you can be sure that TLC is here for you for all your 空调 需要.

Did you know that a lot of older homes in 圣达菲 were not originally designed to have an 空调 system? 如果你的家不允许沼泽冷却器或冷冻空气, 还有其他选择,比如无太阳成集团61999空调. You can count on TLC’s HVAC experts to provide you with solutions that fit your budget and your 需要.

空调类型维修 & 安装

TLC’s 圣达菲 office is located in the southern part of the city but technicians are dispatched throughout 圣达菲 and the surrounding area for service and 修复s. TLC’s experienced HVAC techs are able to 修复 or install all types of 空调 systems for your home. If you’re interested in adding an air conditioner to your home TLC has all your cooling solutions, 从沼泽冷却器到制冷空调和壁挂式空调系统.

我们有执照的技术人员可以为您提供快速,知识渊博 空调 修复s,并被认证维护,维修和更换任何品牌,制造或型号. 以下是我们在圣达菲常用的冷却系统类型:


TLC许可 & experienced in 修复ing, maintaining and installing all brands of refrigerated air conditioners. Whether it is replacing an older ac system or retrofitting your 圣达菲 home for 空调 TLC can give you the comfort you’re looking for in those hot months. 我们的暖通空调专家也可以提供24小时的空调维修. TLC现在提供我们自己品牌的空调,我们支持和保修.


由于干燥的气候,沼泽冷却器在太阳成集团61999州很常见. TLC在维修和维护各种类型的沼泽冷却器方面经验丰富. 我们也提供许多选择时,更换或安装沼泽冷却器在您的家. If you have a central Heating system in your home TLC can install a swamp cooler to keep your home comfortable all summer long. We now have more energy efficient cooling options that keep you cool and comfortable and save on energy.


Many older homes in 圣达菲 were not originally designed with central 空调 in mind. 如果你有一个这样的家TLC有一个解决方案为你的家. Wall-mounted air conditioners commonly called “ductless air conditioners” or “mini-split systems” can be installed in areas throughout your home to keep your home cool and comfortable through those hot months in 圣达菲. TLC has licensed experts experienced in installing these types of air conditioners as well as 修复ing and maintaining ductless air conditioners.

最好的太阳成集团61999 & 圣达菲暖通空调服务公司

TLC provides services for the following areas directly from our 圣达菲 office so we can respond quickly to all of your service 需要. 我们位于卡米诺恩特拉达2532号, 但我们的卡车装备齐全,可以在您最需要我们的时候满足您的服务需求.

  • 圣达菲,NM - 87505 - 87509
  • 波乔克,NM - 87501, 87506
  • Tesuque, NM - 87574
  • 埃尔多拉多,邮编- 87508,87540
  • La Cienega, NM - 87507
  • 洛斯阿拉莫斯,邮编:87544 - 87545
  • 埃斯帕诺拉,海岸- 87532,87533
  • 拉斯维加斯,邮编:87701