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Are you tired of your old kitchen? Whether it is out of date or just in need of an upgrade, TLC can help you turn your kitchen from a place you cook to a place you LOVE to cook.

State of the art appliances, fixtures and lighting are only the start. Our team of licensed trade professionals can help you upgrade your kitchen to the space you’ve always imagined!

Full 厨房 Remodeling 服务

A remodeled kitchen can greatly improve the enjoyment and value of your home. Turn your kitchen into a space you’ll love. Our kitchen remodeling expert craftsmen can help make your dreams a reality.


厨房 Cabinet Remodeling Options

Your kitchen cabinets set the tone for your kitchen. If you’re looking to resurface or replace your existing cabinets TLC’s carpentry experts are here to help.  We can remove old cabinets and install any type of cabinet style you would like to add to your kitchen. Our experienced carpenters can even provide you with custom options and installation.

  • Custom kitchen cabinet fabrication
  • Custom staining and color options
  • Cabinet resurfacing
  • Adding additional cabinets as part of a kitchen remodel or renovation.

There are many styles to choose from if you’re looking to replace your kitchen cabinets.  TLC’s carpenters can install and custom build these options for you.

  • 装有百叶窗板的
  • Flat – 层压板 or Wood
  • 插图
  • 陷入困境的
  • Beadboard
  • Thermofoil

厨房 Countertop Options

TLC remodeling team can provide you with any type of countertop material you would like as part of your remodel.  Our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your style and budget. Our team can install and add countertop space to your kitchen.

  • 花岗岩
  • 石英
  • 层压板
  • 大理石
  • 混凝土
  • 固体表面
  • Butcherblock
  • 自定义瓷砖

厨房罩 & 发泄选项

Sometimes as part of a remodel it will be necessary to modify or move the venting for the stove.  TLC has many licensed journeyman to modify the venting. We can also install or replace your hood to meet the style modifications done as part of the remodel.

  • Undercabinet Hoods
  • 壁挂型抽油烟机
  • 岛头罩
  • 气流帽兜
  • Power Packs or Inserts – hidden
  • 箴头罩

Your 厨房 Remodel Solution

TLC’s remodel team has the broad range of skills to help you complete your remodel all in one place. Demolition, 太阳成集团61999, 电, Cabinetry, Tilework and more. Whatever your need, we have the ability to complete even the most complex remodels.

Backsplash Installation

Backsplashes can add a beautiful custom touch. TLC’s experts can help you find the type of backsplash that suits your design style. TLC can also install any type of tile or design you choose. From natural stone to glass tile we can make your backsplash a beautiful masterpiece


The perfect kitchen deserves the perfect lighting solution. We can install many lighting solutions as part of your kitchen remodel to give your kitchen the perfect glow. We have licensed electricians on staff to provide any electrical modifications quickly and up to code.

Flooring Installation

Hardwood, 层压板, Bamboo, vinyl and more. We can install a great flooring solution as part of your kitchen remodeling project to tie your kitchen together.